Homesteading Blog Love #1

homesteading blog love

Since it’s a New Year, how about we start a new tradition here on the Faulk Farmstead?


I introduce to you…..  Sunday’s Homesteading Blog Love!

I really do LOVE my fellow homestead bloggers.  They have been tremendous support to me as a new homesteader – Even before I knew them, they were helping me along, teaching me how to do this crazy thing called homesteading.

Now it’s MY turn to share their crazy-wonderful, fantastic, kickass-ness with you guys.  That IS a word, by the way.  🙂


Here’s what I’ve been reading THIS week!


Colleen, over at Five Little Homesteaders, started a new series this week – Prepping for Beginners!  Now who doesn’t need this?  I sure do!  The first in her series is Stocking Your Family’s First Aid Kit.  I am ashamed to say this as a nurse, but I do NOT have a good first aid kit ready – We just have a hodge-podge closet full of random supplies.  Colleen has put together a great, comprehensive list of items to get you started – I know what’s on my to-do list this week!   Thanks Colleen!


Head on over to Blue Yurt Farms to see their Lessons & Accomplishments in 2013 – and it was a lot!  One of my favorite things about Erin from Blue Yurt Farms is that her pictures always make me smile.  Her critters are hilarious – always with a perfect caption!  This week’s post was no exception – Inspiring accomplishments! See? They love chickens as much as we do! See? They love chickens as much as we do!


Ok, ok, ok.  I know this next one isn’t from last week, but it’s one of my favorites – So I had to pick it!  Cara from The Randazzo Family is one of my VERY good friends out in the real world.  We used to work as nurses together and started our DIY journey together.  This month, she wrote a tutorial on DIY Beet Blush.  Yes.  Make. Your. Own. Blush.  I love this!  I know – You’re inspired now too, aren’t you?


House. Barn. Farm. is the blog put out by multi-talented Jennah.  It is also where you can find the AMAZING Yonderhill Farm Goat Milk Soaps that I am CRAZY for.  This month, Jennah wrote a post on how she actually makes those luxurious soaps – How To Make Goat Milk Soap.   This is a great tutorial that I am sure to use once Totes & Magotes start giving us milk!
Buy Yonderhill Farm soaps here!
Buy Yonderhill Farm soaps here!


I couldn’t decide which one of these posts to share by Ashley at The Browning Homestead – So I’m sharing them both with you!  As a new homesteader striving to do so much more than we are already doing, Ashley is a true inspiration.  I am inspired by her accomplishments as a new homesteader – as well as the exciting changes she has coming up!   Here are her 2013 Farm & Homestead Reflections and her 2014 Goals for Red Fox Farm.


Last, but certainly not least, is my name buddy – Melissa over at Ever Growing Farm.   Her post this week about her 2014 Goals & Aspirations helped kick my lazy butt into the garden on New Year’s Day.   One of her goals/aspirations was in regards to her garden and soil health – which motivated me to get into my chilly garden on Wednesday and start yanking up the dead-ness that still remained there, in preparation for some healthy manure.  Thank you Melissa!


There you have it!  The week in blogging, according to homesteaders!

Be sure to share your favorite posts that you read this past week in the comments below!

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  1. Ha! I love it! Thank you for the shout out 🙂 Know that you are equally inspirational! I am lucky to know you and have the opportunity to peak into your life and see what it is to live on a real (and large) homestead! xoxo

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