Farmsteading Dreams for 2014

2014.  Here we go.


Yesterday, I reflected on our past year on the farmstead – And what a year it was!!  The time has come, however, to set some homesteading goals for 2014.  I just KNOW this will be a big year for us!


Let’s do this!


Have a successful breeding/kidding with Totes and/or Magotes.  Late fall, we had our friend’s two bucks come to stay on the farmstead, in hopes that we would have a “natural” breeding with one (or both) of our does.  The bucks have since gone home, and we are suspect that Totes is expecting.  We will be on the watch now, fingers-crossed.  Once she kids, our plan is to have milk for family consumption (until we are able to breed Sally and have cow milk) and milk for soap making.  Hope this works out!  🙂 This book is officially on my wish list now.

The two bucks, on the left. Sure, they look cute - but awfully mischievous!
The two bucks, on the left. Sure, they look cute – but awfully mischievous!

Fence an adjacent pasture.  We currently have an approximately 2 acre pasture fenced, then cross-fenced exactly in half.  As I had mentioned in the previous post regarding our lessons learned, we need to keep certain animals apart (Important to keep our ram away from our does, right?).  I would also like to have a third pastured area to rotate animals through, in order to allow areas of our pasture to rest and recuperate.  We have an area adjacent to the current pasture that would be PERFECT for this.

Possible site for new pasture or garden extension
Possible site for new pasture or garden extension

Expand our garden area – double it in size.  While we are on the topic of fencing, we want to expand our existing garden area.  It is currently fenced to keep our monsters (dogs) out of it.  It contains three decent-sized raised beds, but in reality, we need at least twice that amount.  On the same note, we would also like to plant more fruit-bearing trees (specifically apple) in the area behind our pasture.


Grow a tomato.  My tomatoes (all four varieties) were an epic fail last year, losing everything to black rot.  I am considering possibly covering part of the garden during severe weather to see if that helps.  🙁


Raise a flock of meat chickens.  This has been something we have merely dabbled in this year.  In 2014, I would like to get a large flock (at least 30) of meat chickens to raise for that purpose only.  Any suggested breeds from my readers??

One of the remaining Naked Necks...
One of the remaining Naked Necks…


Build a shop for hubby.  He needs a shop.  Badly.  This past year, all of our extra money went into building the farmstead.  It’s officially his turn.  There will be a home for all – the boats, the cars, his fishing and hunting gear.  This man deserves it.


Determine where we want to focus our efforts for money-making.  Long-term goal – We want to be able to make money on our farm.  This is something that after this year, I am hoping we will have a better feel for where we want to focus our efforts.  Goats?  Raising lamb?  Pastured poultry?  Small-scale CSA (community-supported agriculture)?  I really feel that our options are endless, but I want it to be something we are passionate about and feel driven to do.  2014, please give me answers.


So there you have it!  2014 goals – We shall rock it!  🙂

Here’s what my homesteading blogger friends have on their list this year…

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What’s on your list this year?  It will be a great one!

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