Crying Over Spilled Milk – How to Get the Smell Out!

Those who know me well, know how much I love Lucy.  No, Lucy is not a family member or a farmie.


Lucy is my car.


Yes, unconventional, I know, but she rocks!  Seriously!

You may also know how much I love my raw cow milk.

But I must be honest:  I do NOT love these two things together.

Case in point:  I have to drive about 35 minutes on back roads in order to pick up my weekly/bi-weekly 2 gallon order of milk. The farmers we get it from are nice enough to give us a little wood carrier for our big gallon glass jars.  Sweet, huh?  I usually put the milk (within the carrier) on my back seat – Why not the floor, you ask?  Lucy’s floor gets really hot.  Just metal there.  NOT going to get into that.

Anyhow….  When I arrived home after my last pick-up, I retrieved my milk from the back seat, only to find that one of the jars had a faulty lid – and I had RAW MILK soaked into my seat.

Are you kidding me?

Fast forward one week – CANNOT get the smell out.  No matter what I tried.  Sour, tangy, not-so-goodness.  Yes, I did attempt the chemical route here with purchased cleaners.  It was a no-go.  *sigh*

Now let’s fast-forward to today.  This is why I am posting this – To share what DID work!  See?  Happy ending!

In the evening, I generously sprinkled plain ol’ baking soda all over the seat, in all of the crooks and crannies.  Then, I just walked away.  Yup.  I just let it be, until the next morning.

Next, I grabbed a stiff-bristled brush and some white vinegar – I used my citrus infused vinegar, because I like things to smell nice.  I’m sure you do too.  I dipped my brush into the vinegar, then scrubbed it into the baking soda on the seat.  It fizzed and bubbled – It’s working!  I kept this up until it was all scrubbed in – took me about 3 minutes or so.  Next, I took the shop vac and vacuumed it all up.  Allowed it to air dry, and VOILA!  Lucy is back to normal!

See? Everyone is happy!

Baking soda and vinegar is now my official get-the-nasty-smell-outta-everything weapon!


What do you use at your home?

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8 thoughts on “Crying Over Spilled Milk – How to Get the Smell Out!

  1. This is no joke! Even many professional carpet cleaners just use vinegar and good ole making soda. They add peroxide for any tough stains. I’m glad that Lucy is all clean. She’s hysterically awesome.

  2. Wow perfect timing! I have a not so nice raw milk smell in the back of my (not as cool as your Lucy) suv…it was frozen by the time I got home so it was hard to towel it up and clean. Now it is thawed and stinks like feet, hope it’s warm enough to give this a try tomorrow. MN weather…. And I really do love your truck!

    1. Oh yikes! It really is the worst smell, isn’t it?! Best of luck – I hope this works as well for you as it did for me!

  3. A friend who owns a carpet cleaning business says that salt isa great thing to use on liquid messes, even pet accidents. Liberally pour salt (cheap at the dollar store!) over the spill, spot, etc. it’s wicks up the liquid then just vacuum away. Then use the baking soda for the smell.

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