Buttery Lip Balm – A DIY Tutorial!



There is nothing sexy about chapped lips.


Oh, is this news to you?  Sorry to break it to you.  It’s winter.  Chapped lips are upon us.


This year, mine have been especially bad.  Cracked and bleeding bad.  To much info?  Sorry.


But let’s be real here.  Chapped lips mean you need chapstick – or lip balm – or whatever you want to call it.  The lip “stuff” you buy at the drug store?  What is really in there?

Pic via www.meguiarsonline.com
Pic via www.meguiarsonline.com


What?  Huh?


Ready for an alternative that you can do yourself, is safe, and you actually know what the ingredients are?


Buttery Lip Balm

You will need:

Shaved beeswax from a 1lb. block
Shaved beeswax from a 1lb. block


Start by combining your shea butter and olive oil.

shea butter + evoo

 Combine all ingredients in a heat-safe glass container.  I used this.  Using a double-boiler set-up, mix all ingredients until completely melted.  I use a standard saucepan with metal canning rings on the bottom – I then place the measuring cup directly on the rings, so they are not in full contact with the base of the saucepan.  Make sure your water comes up past the height of the ingredients on the outside of the measuring cup.

ingredients - balm


When completely melted and incorporated, remove from heat and mix in your essential oil of choice.  I used wild orange, but use what suits you!

Now you are ready to fill your tins or tubes!  Fill ’em up, and allow to harden before using.

Final product! Success!
Final product! Success!


My batch ended up making approximately 13 tubes + a couple generous lip balm pots I had re-used.  The result is a buttery soft lip balm with just the right amount of shine – Perfect for everyday use.  EVERYONE in our family loves this one – Yes, even the hubby.  😉

Have you every made your own lip balm?  What oils and scents did you choose?

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        1. Elisa – You could definitely use coconut oil. It would give you a firmer set on your balm due to the fact that it is solid at room temperature. I think it would be great!

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