The holidays are over – Now what?

Here we are, knee-deep in the holiday slump.


You know what I’m talking about.  That crazy running-around-with-your-head-cut-off feeling is gone.  If you are like me, you are now fighting the crud that’s going around, which is dragging you down even further.


What do you do now?


This morning, I stare around my house blankly.  I have been feeling less than subpar these last few days, and motivation is nowhere to be found.  There is roughly one large box or one large garbage bag in every room – filled with the cast-offs of present-opening.  There are stacks of presents and odds & ends scattered about.


What to do?

Morning coffee, looking at our pasture field, pre-farmies (during our first months in the house)
This is what I WANT to do – Relaxation: Morning coffee, looking at our pasture field, pre-farmies (during our first months in the house)

Believe it or not, I DO feel somewhat motivated – The dilemma is just HOW to make it happen.


The husband and I have already listed out our farmsteading goals for 2014 (more on that next week!) – But right now, I feel like another type of over-haul needs to take place.


It came to me last night, during one of my many tossing & turning spells:




My life has officially spun out of control – Simply put, I have been too damn busy lately.  Was it the holiday rush?  Maybe.  But I have a feeling that life, in general, had just gotten too chaotic.


So today I will resist the urge to rest on the couch (although I really should be doing that, to get better) – and I will start making baby steps.


Starting with simplifying my house, I will de-clutter, tackling exactly ONE room today.  After the house is simplified, my outside schedule will be scrutinized – I NEED my time with my family, now more than ever.  From there, I will simplify my daily routine.


I am convinced – If I can simplify my daily life, I will improve my ability to reach my goals this year.


What about you?  Do you feel the need to “purge” your life after the rush of the holidays, in preparation for the new year?


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6 thoughts on “The holidays are over – Now what?

  1. I started to simplify earlier in the fall, but things are stalled now. There is a 3/4 bedstead , in parts, leaning against the hallway wall. I have dragged the spinning wheel and yarn winder upstairs to make more room in the living room; and I have started a pile of metal waste to get driven to the scrap yard. Then the snow came and everything slowed down. Moving stuff through and out of the house is a chore. My body and spirit are in survival mode.
    So, it is focusing on small stuff now. I have sorted out clothes to donate. and will take a crack at the multitude of electronic power cords, chargers and power supplies that clog up the walls in my radio room. Let’s not talk about fleeces , roving and yarn- that has to come later.
    Have a Happy New Year, Mel. I love reading your blog and visit with your farm.
    Antje in upstate New York, 4 miles south of Lake Ontario, also known as the Persistent Squall Area.

    1. Antje,
      I hear you! I always find it is best to start small – You need little successes to keep you motivated! Good luck!

  2. Oh, I have a similar feeling. You know how if you see “clutter” it just ruins the motivation? We are in the middle of a kitchen re-do, and all the cabinet doors have been off and waiting to be painted. That was fun for a while, but now it’s just killing the motivation, lol. For me, if the kitchen isn’t functional, the whole house isn’t functional.

    1. I am the exact same way – If my kitchen is a disaster, I can’t relax! That is why the KITCHEN is my room to declutter today! Best of luck on your remodel! We did our kitchen ourselves at our last house – So satisfying! 🙂

  3. There is something about this time of year that makes me want to de-clutter and organize too. Maybe so I have a nice clean space to hibernate in until May! 🙂

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