New Day, New Start…

Some days you just gotta allow yourself a little forgiveness, right?

I’ve been having those days lately, where I look at my to-do list, don’t get too much crossed off of it, and then proceed to add more to the list. Family, farmies, home, work…

Is it the holidays?  I’m not quite sure it is, since I am still way behind on my Christmas gift shopping and making.  Is it my over-achieving-self?  Maybe, but I don’t think I’ve added too much new to the established routine.

I’ve been working on trying to get some organization in my life – I used to be uber-organized (pre-farm days, of course), but had (thankfully) let that go a bit.  However, I am finding that in order to get the necessities accomplished, one needs to have SOME sort of organization.

So the lists begin.


I just have to remind myself:


Every day is a new start.  What doesn’t get done, will have another chance tomorrow.  If it still doesn’t get done?

Maybe it wasn’t so important in the first place.

So tomorrow, I will look out into the gorgeous pasture I call ours, and give myself another chance.  Another chance to be an awesome wife and mother, a decent homesteader, and a great person.  Because I can.

Do you have a hard time cutting yourself some slack?  What is your “secret” for balancing it all?

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One thought on “New Day, New Start…

  1. Many things, all put together, but things that link into one: The Law of Attraction, Meditation!**, Healing Crystals, Faith, and Spirituality. I used to beat myself up pretty bad. Had severe depression and anxiety and I was highly medicated on pharmaceutical drugs to control it. They did nothing for me. So I quit taking the meds and started working on myself. Each of those things I found out separately, but they are all linked and if you combine all of them, it results in a completely changed mindset. A happier, more confident, less judgmental (including within yourself), all-around-amazing mindset, which continues motivating and moving you forward. Changed my life, and my world keeps manifesting wonderful things as a result. I hope this can help you too.

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