A Morning on the Faulk Farmstead

Mornings – Either you love ’em or you hate ’em.

Me?  If it is my day off from my “day” job (only work 3 days/week), I rather look forward to them.  Especially the misty mornings we’ve been having lately.  So mysterious, yet full of promise.

My day starts around 6:40.  The alarm goes off, and I might hit the snooze once.  Or maybe twice.  Not really sure.  But that doesn’t really matter, right?  Next stop?  Coffee pot.  Get the coffee started and bundle up to head outside.

I love opening the back door and hearing the farmies calling for me.  Sometimes, I try to see if I can make it to the back shed (where the pellet feed is kept) before being spotted – But dear Sally Gooden is usually the one to rat me out.  And once the goats hear I’m up, well, it’s all over.  Not subtle creatures, those goats.

I feed the chickens and ducks in the morning.   By the time I get outside, the chickens are usually up and about and milling around near the gate.

The troops, heading in….
Not so patiently waiting – These chicks are intimidating!

I LOVE watching the ladies peck around – but not as peaceful as you would think.  The air is pierced by the sound of Totes, “MAAAAAAAAHHH!”.  I told you – Goats are NOT subtle.

Totes & Magotes
Totes & Magotes


Shy Magotes...
Shy Magotes…

After filling up the chicken feeders and waterers, I head over to the goat stall where Totes and Magotes are waiting patiently for me. They get a pat on the head, a back scratch, a chunk of hay, and they are out for the day.   I usually find a stray Americauna hanging out by the goat stall – There seems to be a couple of them that have made a communal nest in there, so I make sure to take a peek for some pretty pastel eggs.

Love early morning eggs!
Love early morning eggs!

Next stop?  Sally!  I really am smitten with my dear cow.  She is about 9 months old now – and getting quite big!  By the time I am done with the goats, she is mooing for my attention, waiting on the other side of the fence for me.  She gets a chunk of hay as well, a head scratch, and a hug (yes, a hug.  I hug my cow everyday.  Got a problem with that?).  I really do enjoy how excited she gets over that hay, neck stretched out to get it as quick as she can, usually getting hay all over her face and head.  Cute girl.

I’m sure you can’t tell here, but she’s doing a feisty-spunky-cow dance. Like she does. She’s pretty dang cool, you know…

Onward to the sheep.  Our Barbados Black Belly ram and ewe stay on the same side as Sally, but get put in their stall at night.  From day one, they have been pretty skittish, so I usually crack the door open and they shimmy out as soon as I am further than arms-reach from them.  They head on over to munch hay with Sally – Thank God they share well!


Last stop: The few remaining meat chickens and the ducks.  Zeus and Aurora, our Rouen ducks, usually high-tail it to the barn when they see me coming in the morning.  They really are like little dogs, following me back and forth, quacking away.  So off to the chicken tractor we go, ducks trailing behind.  Their food gets filled up, water checked…..  And we’re done!

When I’m not rushed, I really do love my morning routine.

And that feeling I get when I open the back door and they all start hollering and screaming at me?

That’s LOVE, man….


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11 thoughts on “A Morning on the Faulk Farmstead

  1. Well, you have quite a full wake up call in the morning. I love my cats too. And if I had a cow or whatever, I would hug them too. Thanks for taking us for the tour.

  2. I love your routine! I can’t wait to have goats and pigs and turkeys (and maybe, maybe a cow) added to mine. Right now it’s chickens, rabbits and ducks. But it’s not a bad routine either 😉

    1. Thanks Kim! We didn’t start slow – Really did jump in with both feet. It was a lot at one time, so it took us awhile to figure out our routine! 🙂

    1. Oh, the nerve! 🙂 Hopefully she will get used to it. Last night it was snowing as I was getting home from work – The absolute cutest thing to see an adorable black cow covered with white snow. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Erin! It’s those little things that make all the difference to them, I believe. I took a tip from you and gave the ladies clabbered milk last night. Oh, the craziness that ensued! 🙂

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