Here Chicken, Chicken, Chicken… (A Chicken Love Link-Up!)

Chickens have clearly been on my brain lately – Could you tell?

First I had to tell you the in’s and out’s of chicken-ing here on the Faulk Farmstead – Remember that?

And then I got all granola crunchy on you and told you “Don’t throw away those eggshells!!” – Right?

So I HAD to see what my fellow blogger peeps had been up to with their chickens – And it’s a lot!  Of course, I also HAD to share with you all!

chicken map

  • Ashley over at Whistle Pig Hollow has given the complete A-Z on chickens – from chicks, all
  • the way on up to adult hens.  She has so much chicken knowledge to share – I have loads to learn from her!
  • Next, head on over to see Ashley (yup, another Ashley!) over at The Browning Homestead at Red Fox Farm.  Ashley and her family actually started with chickens while living in the city – It is possible folks!  If you are curious about integrating your flocks and the specifics about different chicken breeds – Ashley’s your girl.  She has this covered!
  • Blogger Jennah tells us how they raise their chickens over at House Barn Farm as well.  Of all my blogger friends, she is the furthest away from me – New York!
  • Colleen, over at Five Little Homesteaders, explains how she raises chickens on 0.15 acres – See?  I’m telling you again!  No need for acres of land to raise chickens here!  She also has a link to a recipe for a boredom buster brick for her chickens – Pretty dang cool, I tell ya!
  • Melissa, the blogger behind Ever Growing Farm, goes over all that chicken raising has taught them during their time with chickens – It’s a lot!  She also has a great list of helpful chicken-raising books that are a must to check out.
  • And last but certainly not least, is Erin, from Blue Yurt Farms!  You know her, the one that lives in that amazing yurt!  Check out her blog post that includes seven big truths about raising chickens!
One of our broody ladies...
One of our broody ladies…

Raising chickens has always been such a pleasure for me – but I am constantly learning.  It has been so exciting to see how others raise chickens – and learn from them as well!  Stay tuned – as always, there is more to come!

Belinda, one of the "favorites"
Belinda, one of the “favorites”

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