Decadent DIY Face Cream – Easy Peasy!

Decadent DIY Face Cream


Here it is!  The follow-up to the Oil Cleansing Method post that you have been waiting for!  Homemade (lavender orange) DIY Face Cream!

As you know, I have been religiously using the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) for cleansing my face for a couple years.  My skin is quite happy with the arrangement we have: OCM in the evening, followed by homemade facial cream.  In the morning, a simple rinse off will do.  I will add, however, that if my skin has been particularly angry or threatening to break out a pimple or two, I use a cotton pad to swipe a homemade thyme tincture over it prior to the face cream.   This is the routine I have been religiously following – and I am happy to say that my face looks younger than before and rarely breaks out!

To make this super easy peasy face cream, read on sister (or brotha!)!

Homemade Decadent Face Cream

You will need:

  • 1/2 ounce of beeswax, grated (this is about 2 tablespoons)
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (or preferred  base oil)
  • 1 cup warm water
  • Essential oils of your choice: I used a combo of 8 drops lavender and 5 drops wild orange)
  • glass measuring cup (2 cup capacity)
  • hand mixer or immersion blender
  • container to store your cream in (I use a half-pint mason jar)
Decadent DIY Face Cream
grated beeswax and essential oils
Decadent DIY Face Cream
1/2 ounce grated beeswax

First step: in a saucepan partially full with water, place your glass measuring cup containing the oil and beeswax.  You just need to have enough water in the pan to come up the side of the measuring cup at the level of the oil.  Over med-low heat, continue to stir the mixture until all of the beeswax has dissolved.  Once dissolved, turn off heat and stir in your EOs (essential oils).

Decadent DIY Face Cream
Combined EVOO and beeswax
Decadent DIY Face Cream
Melted and combined
Decadent DIY Face Cream
Adding the essential oils

Next: Remove the glass measuring cup from the saucepan and place on a towel – this will keep the cup from sliding around.  Place your immersion blender in the cup, turn on, and slowly start to drizzle in the warm water (I use HOT water straight from the tap; by the time it gets to the oil/beeswax mixture, it is perfectly warm.  It is important not to have the water too cool or too hot, as it can affect the end consistency of the cream).  You should see it turning into lotion/cream pretty quickly.  I find that if I have a little puddle of water that just refuses to incorporate itself – I just pour those off in the sink and continue blending, until no water remains.

Decadent DIY Face Cream
Adding warm water to the oil base
Decadent DIY Face Cream
Draining off the excess water

Finally: scrape the cream into your container of choice, allow to cool, and pop your lid on!  I have had some batches that still seem to have a tiny pocket of water here or there – I just drain it off.  It hasn’t affected the outcome of the cream, however.

Decadent DIY Face Cream
Voila! Finished product!

My prior batches has lasted months without signs of mold or breakdown; just remember, there are no preservatives in this, so watch for any signs of mold or bacteria after a couple of months and discard appropriately.

This has truly been my go-to cream for face and body – and it is super versatile as you can switch up your essential oils and even your base oils for whatever suits you.  I have done a lighter version with an apricot kernel oil that was quite nice!

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8 thoughts on “Decadent DIY Face Cream – Easy Peasy!

  1. I FINALLY got a chance to try this today! I have some trouble shooting questions for you:

    1. Did you have A LOTof excess water to drain off? I feel like I did. And I feel like there is still quite a bit in the jar that was not incorporated. I’m wondering if it is because I used my kitchen aide with whisk (because we don’t have an immersion blender–good excuse to get one!) and I’m wondering if it didn’t get whipped up enough with that?

    2. Cleaning up: Do you have dedicated kitchen gadgets for making beauty products or do you just use your regular kitchen stuff? I guess this is natural enough that I don’t really need to worry but it was sure a messy job to try and clean everything thoroughly after! 🙂

    Thank you again for posting this, it is one of my favorite products ever!! I will buy an immersion blender for next time… can’t wait to share this… I’m thinking Christmas presents!! 🙂

    1. Regarding the water, yes I did have excess. I just kept mixing and draining, mixing and draining… But eventually, the consistency became perfect! Regarding the immersion blender, I don’t have a dedicated one. But I honestly only use mine maybe 5 times a year – I just clean it really good! Thanks Cara!

  2. I am amazed how the oil cleansing method evens my skin out. I love it. Lavender and melaleuca (tea tree) are both great for acne too. Would be honored if you would share this with my readers at Oil me up Wednesdays at My lamp is full.

    1. I do! I simply fill a small jar with fresh thyme, then cover with vodka. I let it steep for a few weeks in the cupboard, then simply strain and use!

  3. What is the shelf live of this cream? Is it oily at all? I wonder with having water in it, if a person needs a preservative?

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