My Natural Beauty Routine – and Simple Beauty Minerals Review!

My Natural Beauty Routine - and Simple Beauty Minerals Review! :: Faulk Farmstead

  Confession time.   I have tried SO hard to make everything from scratch that we use on a daily basis, including my natural beauty routine -  soap, face cream, face powder, and much more.   HOWEVER...  There IS one thing that that I just haven't been able to give up.  My vice, if you will: my liquid foundation make-up.  Seriously.  Sad, I know.  Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of scarring from my teenage acne years - and I feel the need to keep it under wraps daily.  My dilemma?  It is FAR from a natural solution to my problem.   Currently, I have a pretty minimal morning routine when I get ready: I mix together some of my homemade face cream, store-bought liquid foundation, and a dab of Frankincense … [Continue]

Today is the Day! The Ultimate Bundle has arrived!


For those that have been waiting patiently since my email announcement earlier this week, your wait is over!   I am thrilled to share this Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle with my amazing readers - because this is one bundle I am REALLY excited about!   Over 70 books, 7 e-courses, and gobs of bonus products, this bundle will have you covered!   Several of the books in this bundle I have purchased personally during the past year and they are some of my favorites: From Scratch (by Shaye  of the Elliott Homestead), Natural Homestead (By Jill of the Prairie Homestead), and the Art of Gardening (by Susan of Learning and Yearning).  These alone are worth the pricetag of $29.97.  :)   Head over to the info page and see … [Continue]

Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage

Easy Mason Jar Ring Storage :: Faulk Farmstead

  Here on our homestead, canning season is in full-swing.  Wondering if you've hit that point yet?  Does your kitchen look like mine?  Mason jar lids and rings strewn all over the counters, a water bath canner that never gets put away, and a never-ending supply of jars cooling on the counter - Yup.  Full-swing.   One thing that I've struggled with this year, however, has been storage of my mason jar lid rings.   Because I don't store my jars with the rings on, I always seem to have an excess of rings clanging around.  Or falling out of the canning cabinet.  Or just plain driving me crazy.   Curious why I don't store my jars with rings on?  Even though I check  all of my seals carefully after canning, there is … [Continue]

Is Homesteading Worth All Of the Hard Work?

Is homesteading worth all of the hard work? :: Faulk Farmstead

  I'm tired today. Who am I kidding?  I feel this way all of the time.   I recently bought a Fitbit through work - you know, to see how active I REALLY am throughout the day.  It opened my eyes to another dilemma (or possibly just confirmed what I knew deep-down inside) - 5.25 hours of sleep per night is NOT ENOUGH.   Now the question that came to mind next was "Why? Why do I only get meager sleep on a regular basis?"   I didn't have to look far to find the answer: I was working hard, maybe too hard, and had a lot on my plate.   While part of me was proud of what I was accomplishing, the rest of me had been hit hard:  My sleep was suffering (clearly).  My creative juices had become stagnant - I had become so … [Continue]

Homemade Goat Milk Cajeta

Homemade Goat Milk Cajeta :: Faulk Farmstead

Cajeta:  Sweetened, caramelized goat's milk   In our home, we love all things caramel-related.  Caramel ice cream, caramel in our coffee, SALTED CARAMEL.   So I'm sure you can imagine, when I set out to find new things to do with our fresh goat's milk, I was slightly stoked to learn of cajeta.  Ok, ok.  There was nothing slight about it.  Freaking thrilled is more like it.   My mind instantly started to wander into caramel-land as I imagined all of the things I would put on it. Or simply the spoon I would eat it off of...   Goat Milk Cajeta   2 1/2 quarts fresh goat's milk 2 1/2 cups sugar (I use this kind) 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstartch 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon … [Continue]

Cooking with Pastured Poultry: Liver Paté

Cooking with Pastured Poultry: Liver & Sage Pate :: Faulk Farmstead

  Two months ago, we harvested our first flock of meat chickens.  Sure, we had butchered our share of ill-behaved roosters in the past, but this time was different.  We're talking premeditated harvesting here.   For several months, we lovingly raised 20 Freedom Rangers to provide meat for our family.   We cared well for them, giving them a happy, full life.   When the time came to harvest them, we took a moment to give thanks to what those chickens were about to provide to us.   We thankfully had a friend come over to help us that day - With the three of us armed and ready to go, we split up the duties...   During this process, my job was the evisceration table.  Yep.  My duty was the cleaning-out of … [Continue]